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Senior Policy Analyst Pamela Miller to Appear for Supreme Court Oral Arguments in ICT Case

Earlier this year, the Center for Child Policy partnered with the APSAC Amicus Committee to submit a brief to the Supreme Court of Ohio in the case Smathers v. Glass. Senior Policy Analyst Pamela Miller authored the brief and will act as counsel for APSAC at oral arguments on October 26, 2021.

This merits brief provides expert information about Intrafamilial Child Torture (ICT), resulting child fatalities, and both federal and Ohio child welfare law. The brief argues that the Ohio Supreme Court should remand the case for trial because defendant Child Protective Services (CPS) acted in a bad faith, wanton, and reckless manner in their handling of the Harmony Carsey case. Harmony was a 2-year-old victim of Intrafamilial Child Torture, her torture was known to CPS, they took no steps to protect her, and she subsequently died of dehydration and other injuries when she was locked in a cage, unattended for 9 hours, by her mother.

View the brief at the link below, on the Supreme Court of Ohio website.

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