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CCP, APSAC, and Child USA Submit Brief to Supreme Court of Ohio

Recently, the Center for Child Policy partnered with the APSAC Amicus Committee to submit a brief to the Supreme Court of Ohio in the case Brandt v. Pompa. Senior Policy Analyst Pamela Miller co-authored the brief with CHILD USA.

This merits brief provides expert information on the neurobiological and physiological harms caused by severe child maltreatment, including severe sexual abuse and sexual torture. The brief argues that the Ohio Supreme Court should not cap non-economic damages awarded to a victim, because Ohio statute creates an exception to the cap when there is "physical-functional harm". Severe child maltreatment indeed causes "physical-functional harm" through damage to the brain and central nervous system as well as other organ systems and disease processes.

View the entire brief on the Supreme Court of Ohio website.

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