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Immigrant/Migrant Children and Families

Each day, infants and children are needlessly separated from their mothers and fathers. Older children are being housed at detention centers in cage-like structures. In some cases, younger children are being placed thousands of miles from their parents. These children are being left unattended without any of the support services that are necessary for children who face separation from their caregivers. Families are left without any information about when, or if, they will be reunited. The recent change in long-standing policy leaves these children and youth at risk for serious and long- term physical, social, and emotional injury.



Policy Statement - Separating Immigrant Children from their Families at the United States Border  - Download PDF

Statement by the National Child Abuse Coalition re: treatment of immigrant children at the US Border (Letter) - Download PDF

Amicus Brief for Department of Homeland Security et al., vs. Regents of the University of California, Et al.  - Download PDF

Strength in Numbers

Read statements from other child-serving and professional organizations that oppose the policy of separating children from their parents at the United States border -

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